• Each Spring Roll is Artisan Hand Rolled
    • We use only the freshest locally farmed produce
    • Vegan & Vegetarian
    • GMO Free Certified
  • We Use All Natural Ingredients
    • No MSG & No Trans Fat
    • No Preservatives & No Added Sugar
  • Deliciously Healthy Potato Stix
    • An Asian-American fusion
    • Baked potatoes blended perfectly with unique Asian flavors
    • Crispy shell of a spring roll filled with baked potato goodness!
  • Raw & Healthy Seoul Kim Chi
    • Naturally Probiotic
    • Authentic traditional Korean recipe
    • The best tasting kim chi on Earth!
  • Sweet Pickled Ginger
    • Beautiful Natural Color
    • Sushi Grade
    • No color added

Take a traditional blend of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, add all-natural, vegetarian ingredients, and you have the secret to delicious Lucky Foods Spring Rolls and Pot Stickers – a healthy alternative for you and your family.

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